Now Fear This! the podcast with Becky & Merie

First degree cheesiness or aggravated douchebaggery? Karens, Beckys, and the making of murderous memes

November 11, 2020

In this episode, we delve into the role that namecalling and meme-making can play in violence and even mass murder. Also, we also address more burning questions you didn’t know you had, like, does a child molester sandwich really have around 200 calories? Who are all these Karens and Stacys, Chads and Brads? Is the Becky of this very show the same Becky of Uggs and Starbucks fame, and is she really too busy gluing rhinestones back on her iPhone case to realize what's actually going on?! (Maybe)

Is her biggest concern falling after her heel gets caught in the cobblestone while chasing after her boyfriend in the meat packing district? (Only sometimes!) 

Which should we fear more: Siri or Alexa? Claritin or Allegra?

And, finally: Oh my God, Becky! Why does Merie want to see the manager?!