Now Fear This! the podcast with Becky & Merie

Even his workout routine was unimpressive: the American tragedy that is the Watts family murders

November 18, 2020

In this episode, we discuss the Netflix doc American Murder, the Family Next Door, and hurl many insults at the man responsible. Along the way, many questions come to mind, such as: 

Just how much of a dim bulb is Chris Watts? Just how much victim-blaming does a woman get for trying to keep her lazy, sociopathic husband under control? Is this moronic murderer at least smart enough to recognize that he’s been caught on surveillance during the crime? 

And, how does one badass detective named Tammy get this whole thing wrapped up? 

Also: Do all of our problems come from the Bible? Does Becky mispronounce the word “banal?” Does she manage to get through one podcast episode without mentioning Chee-toes? When will Merie start tagging her every post with #blessed,  #bestlife,  #love him, #luckygirl, #madeforeachother? Who is Walter and how will he manage to murder Merie someday? 

Come for the murderer insults. Stay for the lie-detecting Fitbit.

(This episode includes discussions of violence against women and children. To avoid the grim details, skip over minutes 40-44.)