Now Fear This! the podcast with Becky & Merie

Challenging American Exceptionalism: Who is better at serial murder?

November 4, 2020

In this episode we cover serial killer partners in crime. Looking at the Moors murders, the Ken and Barbie killers, USA’s horrifying Leonard Lake and Charles Ng and more, we want to know what motivates these men and women. 

Why did they get together and make themselves not just worse, but THE worst? 

Also: Who does Merie think are the laziest serial killers on the planet? Does Becky really say "feminine-ize?" Is that even a word? Does she also misuse the phrase vice-versa? Why does Merie fear we’ve run out of American serial killers? What is Becky’s teeny-tiny connection to England’s Moors murders? What the hell is a passive-aggressive murder style? And, how do you pronounce Dnepropetrovsk, anyway?